Policy purpose and brief 

Volunteering is integral to everything we do and we want our volunteers to know that we place great value on their involvement in our work. We believe that volunteers contribute in many ways, that their contribution is unique and that volunteering benefits the users of our services, our local community and our volunteers themselves. We believe that volunteering can build and enhance a person’s skills, knowledge and life experience. We value the contribution our volunteers make and are committed to involving and supporting them and, when possible, developing further volunteering opportunities within the organisation. This policy is intended to ensure good practice in the involvement of volunteers in our work, and promote understanding of the role of volunteers in the organisation.

 Volunteer support 

All volunteers will be supported by a co-ordinator or nominated representative to offer guidance and advice to help them carry out tasks safely and effectively. This person may themselves be a volunteer.

 Recruitment and selection 

We are committed to equal opportunities and believe that volunteering should be open to all regardless of race, ethnicity, colour, sex, age, gender or gender reassignment status, marital or civil partnership status religion or belief, disability or sexual orientation or immaterial offending background (that does not create a risk to vulnerable groups including children). We will carry out informal interviews to ensure the role is right for both parties. We will base our selection on the ability of each applicant to carry out the role. Because we work with vulnerable groups we will undertake an Enhanced Disclosure and Barring Services (DBS) check. There will be an induction process for all new volunteers.

 Training and Development 

Volunteers will have access to appropriate training and information to help them carry out their volunteering role successfully. It is the volunteer's responsibility to ensure they attend relevant training. All volunteers will be made aware of, and have access to, all the organisation's relevant policies, including those relating to volunteering, health and safety, safeguarding and equal opportunities.

 Supervision and Support 

Volunteers will have a named person to whom they can take their volunteering concerns and seek guidance and support. This will enable both the volunteer and the coordinator/nominated person to identify any issues, monitor and evaluate the volunteer's involvement, recognise achievements and identify individual training needs. Volunteers will be given the opportunity, where relevant, to share their views and opinions with the organisation's other volunteers, Trustees etc. 


The organisation's volunteers are able to claim reasonable out of pocket expenses, subject to us receiving a mileage claim form and, where appropriate, production of receipts as evidence of the spend. What can be reclaimed from the organisation and the calculation of expenses will be explained to the volunteer during the induction process. Insurance We have public and employer liability insurance that includes volunteers, and their specific roles. The organisation does not insure the volunteer's personal possessions against loss or damage. Where volunteers are using their own cars to provide lifts to our passengers they must ensure their vehicles are fully road legal at all times and that their insurance provider is aware they are providing this service. 

General Data Protection and confidentiality 

We will advise the volunteer on our Data Protection Policy and procedures. We take great care to protect all information as part of our data protection responsibilities and require our volunteers to do the same. Problem solving We aim to treat all our volunteers fairly and objectively. If volunteers have any complaints or concerns these should initially be raised informally with the Co-ordinator or one of the Trustees. We seek to ensure that volunteers views are heard, noted and, when appropriate, acted upon promptly. We always aim for a positive and amicable solution where possible. Where no action is taken, the reason will be explained. Please also refer to the Complaints procedure, Grievance and Disciplinary policy. 


We're committed to safeguarding the well-being of all volunteers and service users, who are involved in or affected by our work. Any concerns regarding a child (i.e. anyone under the age of 18) or vulnerable adult must be reported to the co-ordinator. 

Copyright, intellectual property and photography 

The rights to any original works that may be produced in the course of volunteering will belong to us unless otherwise agreed. Examples of this include; photography, artwork, graphic design, written work, including the results of research.