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Morecare Chagford
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MORECARE CHAGFORD ASSOCIATION is an entirely voluntary, non-profit making organisation supported by voluntary donations, bequests and grants. It was established in March 2004 by a group of sympathetic members of the local community who were aware of the need to assist those who were housebound, living alone or required support, and also to provide transport to enable them to be able to attend medical appointments because of difficulties using public transport, whether physically disabled or not.

Under our constitution as a registered charity (number 1117015), Morecare Chagford Association's volunteers can provide transport to and from medical facilities, collect prescriptions and help with other needs, where possible, to those who are registered at Chagford Health Centre or living in Chagford and the surrounding area within the Whiddon Parishes.

We also receive support and advice from Devon Access to Services as part of their wider volunteer driver network.

Instead of set charges, donations are suggested for our services on a sliding scale according to distance travelled.

To use our services, please ring us on the number above and a volunteer call handler will take your contact details and requirements, and pass them to a volunteer driver. We will help whenever possible or refer you to another group for assistance in or near your area.
  • The Square, Chagford, England, United Kingdom
  • Covering area - Chagford and all of the villages within the Whiddon Parishes

If you would like to become a Volunteer with us, or you would like to contact us at MORECARE CHAGFORD ASSOCIATION, please complete this form or phone us on the above number. Thank you for your interest!

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